Shy Boys | Ride

Shy Boys

Until now the self-proclaimed “landlocked surf outfit” Shy Boys have barely existed outside of living rooms and smoky basements across Kansas City, MO. Their upcoming self-titled debut, available January 21, 2014 on High Dive Records, was tracked live to tape by Mike Nolte at Westend Studios in a matter of days. “To make the record bigger than that seemed wrong,” explains the band’s frontman Collin Rausch. “It’s the sound of us standing in a room together and playing, guitar plugged straight into the amp, single-tracked vocals, finishing lyrics on pizza boxes so we can track the next song.”

Shy Boys earnestly began as an outlet to escape from their day jobs or an excuse to ditch class. After returning to school in 2011, Collin quickly enlisted brother Kyle Rausch and roommate Konnor Ervin to critique some rough mixes and demos he’d been working on in his free time. Though musicians in their respective fields, Collin had never played guitar, Konnor wasn’t a drummer, and Kyle had never picked up a bass in his life. The response? Fuck it. From the first song it was contagious, energetic and downright sloppy.

Yuck | Chew


Yuck is an alternative / noise pop band which formed in London, England in 2009. The band consists of Max Bloom (guitar, vocals), Mariko Doi (bass, vocals) and Jonny Rogoff (drums). The band was originally formed with Daniel Blumberg (ex-front man) and Max Bloom, but Blumberg decided to leave the band early 2013 to focus on his music project Hebronix. Yuck’s publicist says that the door remains open for an “Eventual rapprochement”.

Torus | Cavemonsters Are Kind


Like all good things, it’s taken a while to surface, but after three years of existing on the internet as a website, mix blog and general theatre of opinion, Sonic Router is now also a record label. To quote one of our good friends our label was ‘established after receiving the sort of demo that makes you want to start a record label’. The demo in question came from 18 year old Torus, (formerly known as Deadstokdonut; the moniker under which he released ‘Television Spleen’ on Lowriders Record’s Beatitude compilation) and his self titled debut EP. 

6 tracks long it’s a deft exploration of mood that sets a torrent of found samples, ambient swirls and little wayward riffs to post-Dilla drum patterns. It’s hazy, crackly hangover music. A collection of tracks that manage to sound archaic before they’ve even been mixed down, fusing Joeri Woudstra’s unique approach to production with a sense of isolation and introspection.


Castratii | Others


Wind. Rain. Mist. Whispers. Secrets written in blood. Sliding doors in parallel universes. Castratii are a paradox, a wonderful vision of a life that might have been, and still could be. Enveloping shrouds of ambient musical strands, woven together into a swinging bridge that hangs over a chasm of endless possibility.

The Traps | Calypso

The traps

Calypso’ is the first official release from The Traps on their own Birmingham based indie label Speech Fewapy Records. Combining upbeat tempos, an anthemic synth based beat, and a hooky guitar motif that will keep any indie dancefloor buzzing alongside a very cool vocal.

The influence behind the track and indeed their debut album is the character Calypso from Homer’s Odyssey poem who captures Homer by leading his ship ashore.


Hellogoodbye | Killin’ Time


The band Hellogoodbye was initiated in 2001 as a recording project by Huntington Beach High School student Forrest Kline. With the aid of fellow student Jesse Kurvink, Kline started recording synthesized power pop songs on his computer, which originally only served the purpose of entertaining their friends. However, as more and more of their songs appeared on, Hellogoodbye’s fanbase grew. According to Kline, the band name was inspired by,a line from the TV series Saved by the Bell and the general transience of opportunities.

In 2002, without even having a release out, Hellogoodbye began playing local concerts in front of crowds of hundreds. For live shows, vocalist/guitarist Kline and keyboardist Kurvink were accompanied on drums by either Parker Case, who would later form the now defunctJamisonParker, or Aaron Flora. Flora and bassist Marcus Cole soon joined them permanently, completing the band’s line-up

Slowdive | Crazy For You


Slowdive is a dream pop/shoegaze band that formed in 1989 in Reading, England, United Kingdom. Signed to Creation Records in 1990 and initially championed by the British music press, the band scored a UK top forty entry with their debut album Just for a Day.

The band consists of Rachel Goswell (vocals/guitar), Neil Halstead (vocals/guitar), Nick Chaplin(bass), Christian Savill (guitar), and Simon Scott (drums, 1990-1994, 2014-present); additionally,Ian McCutcheon replaced Scott from 1994-1995. Goswell and Halstead had known each other since early childhood in Reading, Berkshire.

Pole | B Moos-SNIPPET


As the next step in the evolution of a legendary producer, on September 1st 2011, Stefan Betke is founding a new artist label named “pole.” Made for the music of pole, this new imprint will keep Betke’s large back catalogue available, as well as give his forthcoming releases an autonomous structure for experimentation and creativity.
For over a decade, Stefan Betke has been working as a label owner, publisher and mastering engineer, contributing his experience to the development of electronic music. The artist label “pole” is intended to create a place where pole´s original and unique sound can be developed further, and combined with new production methods and ideas.
In the second half of 2011 pole re-release his full back catalogue digitally, including classical records such as “1,2,3,” “Steingarten” and “Steingarten Remixes,” and started to release new music on a series of 12 inches “waldgeschichten”.
As Pole puts it: “My new music will sound very warm, has a lot of bass and stands in a strong relation to my musical history.”

Chica and the Folder | Soufflé (Sonja Moonear Dans Ma Casbah Mix)

Chica and the folder

With old Tibetan carpets, woven into Else Lasker Schüler’s poems that Chica learned in school and still knows by heart. With Croatian traditionals, made for several voices and originally sung by sad and mourning women, but now turned into punk – sung by punks who don’t cry but shout for lost love. With a coverversion that might make Martin L. Gore cut all his nails. With a very sad broadcasting-address.

All this and more easily fits into Chica and the Folder’s small and light bags, their hand luggage… And it sounds like a dear fairytale: So why not taking a trip to the Bavarian Alps straight away? Climbing mountains, sitting on their peaks, whispering those tales in each other’s ears; bread and butter in one, a mike in the other hand? Chica and the Folder are the last Romantics; together they spun and condensed it all. The concept of the album tangles but eventually finds itself at the end of the night, falls into its own arms and into sleep – tired but proud. Now the bags are waiting at the door; packed and ready to be taken to the next trip.


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