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When Saints Go Machine | Iodine

A great pop song release from this Copenhagen, Denmark band, completely emotional and with a big presence of voice tones managing our turn we again emotionally, this is the kind of pop that we would like to hear in the future.

by the way the video is a great piece also


Braids | Amends

Braids: Canadian quartet surprises us with this single which will be their first LP. An emotional melody and fluffy, it touches your soul and keeps you in a state of happiness, the voices of Katie Lee and Raphaelle Standell-Preston are captivating, good for this band.

Sister Crayon | Floating Heads

This is one of the bands that sounds honest, Terra Lopez has a marvelous voice for a Downtempo indie rock in some sounds we can hear some reminisce of could be this Prague band “Khoiba” influences, but definitely Sister Crayon has their own californian style warm and organic.

Ohanami | Agapanthus (full album)

In first time this electronc jazz experimentation of sounds looks very simple, but as the tack is progressing comes more difficult and unknowing,  puzzling but you can learn to find the connection between the battery and those little synths. is a song unscrewed, which is assembled and reassembled again and again.


Featuring 40 tracks from experimental artists from around the world, SEQUENCE6 is a more experimental album than its predecessors, pushing into darker more inquisitive environments and making it harder to pin down into one particular genre.

“both abstract and melodic but always with a hint of melancholy.”

Boards of Canada | Reach For The Dead (from Tomorrow’s Harvest)

Board of canada still has those epic pad’s and instrumentation that characterize it, his music sounds incredibly so fresh and so contemporary that seems timeless, this first single “Reach For The Dead” from the new album is not an exception, spatial and melancholic at the same time with a well maintained progression that leads us to that point where there is no hope, we liked a lot and hope the release of “Tomorrow harverst” on June 10.




Seapoint | Triangle Optics

SEAPOINT is the alias of Rafael Bucio, a mexican-born, 24 years old montreal based producer who after first being exposed to the sounds of his UK Bass heroes in the summer of 2010, decided to start creating his own tracks influenced by numerous artists of the ever-changing electronic music scene.

Interesting progressions using typical methods of dance music like house and techno, if yours is the dancefloor I think you should include this track in your next SET.

Cassie | All My Love (Kingdom Edit)

NYC producer Kingdom release this Sandy bass and a R&B base track.

Mister Lies | Magichour (feat. KNOWER)

Mister Lies and KNOWER create a fresh piece of music here, with a relaxed pace and unpretentious sounds just living in the moment, surprised us the great break at Minute 2.4! could be a house track and chillout as well.

Volcano The Bear | MISCELLANY

Chaotic and disconcertingly beautiful sound of this English quartet, an ensemble totally baffling perfect minds, so we could categorize this excellent art-rock band.


you can also access to free material here

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