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Wareika | Be Real (Pol On Remix)

This German trio has the groove, their style is a jazzy house surrounded of a lot of organic contributions that make their creations more intimate, from the soul.


Toro Y moi | Say That

Fresh, chilly, sexy is how we want to describe this track from the last album of this electronic producer “Toro Y Moi” guaranty of quality and a referent respect lo-fi / Chillwave scene.


Isaac Delusion | Early Morning

This duo from Paris has a special mood is a pop bubbling overjoyed with electronic bases and acoustic elements creating a very relaxing atmosphere.

Onra | L.O.V.E.

It’s been more than a year of when this material came to the public, and we still like it a lot! remind us of the 80’s using vintage synthesizers and a touch hip hop, R & B of that time, Onra is the new beatmaster he apparently have gone through a time machine to reappear with a new groove.


Hold Tight feat Chuck Inglish

Musetts | Wuzak

Beautiful, is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start to hear this song in somehow these samples used by “Musetts” trap you with a feeling of nostalgia that in reality you never lived, but looks familiar. Is a hypnotic symphony.

17 Pygmies | Celestina I

17 Pygmies, a band if noted for if nothing else, being stupidly ambitious, undertook a stupidly ambitious project. Originally a short story based upon the 15th Century classic novel La Celestina by Fernando Rojas, the recorded Celestina (in actuality the name of the spaceship) was envisioned as a three part, 33 1/3rd psalms/songs long science-fiction story mixing as many musical elements including progressive, psychedelic, classical and ambient as possible in an effort to create a unique musical landscape to match an imaginary, but somewhat based on reality, version of love and deceit in deep space.

The Last Sound | Sun Forever

Hypnotic dream pop as this band is tagged on there band camp page, is not at all a exaggeration even their videos has a strong weight of hypnotic material, is a breath of fresh air to the scene.

Dead Horse Beats | All I Know Is You

Montreal based producer that use as base the Hip Hop to experiment with samples and other instruments DHB touch the boundaries between the experimentation and the dance floor scene.


Will Samson | Meet Me At Home

“Meet Me At Home”  use his guitar as effect such as a layer for perfect harmony with his ​​soft voice and the other effects surronded. Is a melody that evokes reflection and invites us to put a break for a moment and just be there.



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