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Rainbow Arabia | Lacking Risk

When you hear this track immediately back to the 80 – 90 ‘s, synth pop lines, pianos and electric guitars from synths, keys…
nice grooves that could be wroted on that time, that’s why the vocals sound so familiar to us (Röyksopp?)


Synkro | Acceptance

Synkro is a manchester producer with a big sensibility, his music can invade you slowly with big pads, voices from none where and creazy grooves like a rhythms out of this world.

Video directed: Joseph Bolger

you can see more work from him here:


Hazy Memories | Teen Memorabilia, Dusk Melancholia / July 14 Street

Very young producer from Romania “Hazy Memories” present his last music work more mature (musically speaking) experimenting some of hip hop, bass and  Glitch cuts, he create a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful mood.

Tim Coster | Compliments

Tim Coster creates immersive environments seem repetitive but are highly mobile at the micro level, imperceptible, but as involving that actually did not notice it, great work.


Robot Koch & Sieren | Melville

Delicate futuristic pop

Tendts | I Met A Girl

Surrealistic rhythms that remains a little “Four Tet” style but this is a groovy version, Tendts make a track with a nice progression putting layers over layers of sounds creating tension that kill you.


DIALS | Paths

PATHS from DIALS EP, should not be so unknowning is a beautiful piece of pure soul, with eternal pads dancing with this intelligent rhythms and the metal scratching the voices that barely peek over the same progression, a piece to listen even if you’re aware …

whole EP to listen here:

HVOB | Play Always like this (Oliver Koletzki Remix | Snippet)

For this weekend this sounds intelligent and creative as a warming and charming deep house from Austrian duo HVOB,  on their album debut they were sponsored by none other than Oliver Koletzki who is already an icon in the dance music scene.

Yassou Benedict | In Fits In Dreams (Album)

Yassou Benedicts debut EP “In Fits In Dream” from the nostalgic pop to the indie folk that invite you to keep the calm and keep dreaming for a better future, a solid voice unpretentious and the use of some electric guitars melts well the rest of the sounds.

Emptyset | Awake

We can say that “Awake” is the friendly version of the Raster Noton on “spiral” or remain us also the intro of this 90’s film “The Acid House”. The video is a good piece of hypnotic lines and figures and perfect synchrony with a deep techno.

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