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Can | Vitamin C

“Can” was one of the most important bands Kraut Rock movement (or krautrock ) that emerged in Germany in the late 1960s. This group was known for the various musical roots of his musicians : Irmin Schmidt School came Stockhausen , as Holger Czukay , who had already recorded an album with his band interesting Canaxis ; Jaki came from a scene Liebzeit more attached to free jazz, while Michael Karoli was the one who was closest to the rock of 1960 , its two main and most renowned vocalists , Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki were mainly “interpreters” ( performers ) with a strong personality that complemented the group.

Can experimental music was based primarily on Jaki Liebezeit ‘s percussion , improvisation of all its members and influences of psychedelia of Pink Floyd, the experimentation of the Velvet Underground , the funk of James Brown ‘s recording studio arts Lee Perry and free jazz of John Coltrane and Albert Ayler . It was a very influential group in a lot of genres that emerged since then , like punk , post punk , new wave , electronic music , industrial music and ambient .


Tuna Laguna | On To Tarmac

Tuna Laguna is a band from Lofoten and Vesterålen, Norway. Their music is widely influenced by Post-Rock bands like Tortoise and Do Make Say Think, as well as Can and Progressive Rock bands from the 70’s. Tuna Laguna’s sound is as unique as their line-up which strays away from the standard Post-Rock line-up of two guitars/ bass/ drums adding instruments like banjo, rhodes piano, glockenspiel, analog synths and “babypiano” amongst others. In 2003 they released their debut EP, “It’s A Fudge”, and in 2007 their first full-length album, “Ripples And Swells”.

Marcos Valle – Posto 9

Marcos Valle (Rio de Janeiro, September 14, 1943) is a singer and guitarist of popular Brazilian musical genres such as bossa nova and samba. It is also producer and composer. This is one of the most important and popular intépretes of Brazilian pop history.

Yesterdays New Quintet | Suite for Weldon

Produced by Madlib, Yesterdays New Quintet’s tribute to jazz pianist Weldon Irvine.


Oval | Emocor (feat. Hana Kobayashi) from album “Voa”

From trailblazing glitch masterpieces of the 1990s to delicate, hyperreal pop vignettes after 2010 – angular electroacousticguitars vs. “free” drumming! – Oval continues to be a celebration of skill & sensibility. With an undeniable instinct for the pleasantly irritating, the drastic & the dreamy, Markus Popp keeps on pushing the envelope. No one out there plays the computer quite like him.

VOA is the true next step for the collaboration of electronic music legend Markus Popp aka Oval with several wonderful singers/musicians from all over South America.

VOA offers the previously unreleased “A“-selection of recordings from those legendary Salvador da Bahia sessions plus brand new Oval material – adding up to an 18-track metamelomusical supermerger, chock full of genre-defying, mesmerizing songs and haunting, sensual melodies that does not cease to surprise.

Satelliti| Voltage from album “Transister”

Marco and Andrea started to jam together in 2010. The outcome is their debut album “Im Magen des Kosmos” made entirely out of live improvising mornign sessions. In recent live performances they are introducing elements of early electronica which is becoming the core of their new material.

Da Lata | Um Amor A Mais feat. Luisa Maita From album “Fabiola”

Fabiola’ started taking shape in 2010 after Patrick Forge returned to London from living in Japan. He met up with Chris Franck and they took the first tentative steps towards making a new record. Drawing together a worldwide family of collaborators both old and new, they embarked upon a new era of Da Lata. ‘Fabiola’ their first album in ten years, features a host of talent including Luiz Gabriel Lopes (Graveola) (Brazil), Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde), Miguel Atwood Ferguson (USA) Rich Medina (USA) Marcelo Janeci (Brazil) Luisa Maita (Brazil), Fabricio FBC (Brazil), Sacha Gabriel (Canada), Jason Yarde (UK), Finn Peters (UK) and Diabel Cissokho (Senegal) who have all helped craft a record with a raw and live approach fusing Afro-Brazilian influences with a dance-floor sensibility.

Medline | SunSonSound

SunSonSound define Medline’s music origins, a palette of his musical slang.

This is Medline first exploration of full composed songs, before his last cover songs album “People Make The World Go Round” released by Melting Pot Music.

All is made without samples. The album is built on a movement of evolution, from the hip hop and its black classical music heritage, mixed with latin music to create new pathes, new formulas and patterns, to experiment new music balances and colours.

Yaporigami | Vie from Album “Velvet”

Yu Miyashita creates beat orientated music under the name of Yaporigami. His primary focus is using micro-sampled sounds.

Wun two | african skhits

This experimental jazz and hip hop sounds can be on loop mode for ever without notice, great mix full of soul and feeling.

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