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Brandon Wolcott & Emil Abramyan | YouAndTheSpace Between



Brandt Brauer Frick | Emika – Pretend (Soul Clap Remix)

Contemporary classical music melts with house and techno

Three young musicians have recently joined together for this exciting acoustic techno project. On the one hand Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer, who as a duo named Scott produce club music with a jazz attitude (EPs on My Best Friend, Fluid Ounce, THE GYM and more).

On the other hand Paul Frick, who has studied classical and modern composition with Friedrich Goldmann at Universität der Künste Berlin. Besides experimental pieces for orchestral instruments he also releases house music (EPs on Kalk Pets, THE GYM, 30porumalinha and more).

Recondite | Tie In (Snip)

Recondite has a strong sensitivity for the deeper and melancholic side of electronic (club) music. His tracks are dark, mystic and deliver a tranquil and intimate atmosphere.


Dr.Nojoke | Montezuma

Since 2005 Dr.Nojoke has been working on technoid sound-sculptures based on his archive of self-made noise-recordings he collected over the years. He defines a deep, funky, minimal, quirky, clicky micro-cut-up-music, he calls Clikno.
Always with an experimental approach in production Dr.Nojoke relinquishes the conventional rave-signals and typical techno sounds (as the TB303 or 808/909 drum machines). He prefers to play with his own sounds.
The de-composition of usual harmony- and melody-schemes is also important for him; He dislikes typical or popular sounds and hooklines. Although his sounds come to 95% from the acoustic, real world, he forms highly technological Clikno-music, which may not carry emotions in itself, but triggers and unleashes them.

Sox | La Violence – Video| VideoHer feat. Chicros – Audio

Sox is a grime emcee from Birmingham B6. He is an upcoming emcee heading to be one of the best in Birmingham. His clashes have included, Dat Chucky Boi, Subzero and Dapz1. He has also made tunes with emcees such as Deadly, Dat Chucky Boi, Phatul and Spyder.

Lugano Fell | Valament

Lugano Fell is the side project of James Taylor, best known as one half of Swayzak, but this is when the connection ends. While the duo have been dispensing dance floor-friendly tunes for the most part of the last decade and a half, his concern here is entirely different.



Christopher rau | Weird Alps

Hamburg-based DJ/producer’s woozy sounds were weaving their melancholy magic for such keenly-followed local publishing houses as Smallville and Laid. Working alone or, as on this year’s “Cloverleaf Days,” with Jacques Bon, Rau’s staked out an affecting sound that marries cotton-packed miniature melodies to gently determined rhythms

Koett | Lost Time

Koett is a Russian producer who’s been dabbling here and in house and techno for a while now (with releases on FUSELab and Dabit Records, to be specific), but with his new album ‘Golden Peak’ for Atomnation he’s putting a firm foot forward. From the glimmering, gradual opener Assembled In, which has the air of a restless orchestra tuning up, through the strong percussive pulse of Behind and the elated, jazzy meanderings of Blacksad,this is an album that occupies a very particular headspace from the beginning.
Electronic jazz and moments of experimentation and introspection, it’s got that weaving of familiar genres with unfamiliar tricks, resulting in the strangeness of a false memory, ambience with a twist of the macabre.
Same track nice remixes
Lost Time (Monokle Remix)
Lost Time (Sau Poler Remix)

DFRNT | Dark Spaces from Actaeon EP

Clean-cut and minimal intricacies, infinite synth stabs and mellow vocal work with a suitable helping of bass when required. This EP showcases a slightly alternative side to DFRNT’s work, and is bound to please fans of the recent output of Autonomic affiliates such as Synkro, Indigo, ASC or similar.


Nosaj Thing x Chance The Rapper | Paranoia

In June 2009, his debut album, “Drift”, hit the gas and led to Nosaj Thing from anonymity to stardom in a few weeks. Among dozens of praise from the press and scandal figures in the largest shops on the Internet, the young producer from Los Angeles showed his potential to the world with a handful of issues with acoustic echo rhythmic electronic and related structures with hip-hop but at a safe distance from any easy label.


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