Dr.Nojoke | Montezuma

Since 2005 Dr.Nojoke has been working on technoid sound-sculptures based on his archive of self-made noise-recordings he collected over the years. He defines a deep, funky, minimal, quirky, clicky micro-cut-up-music, he calls Clikno.
Always with an experimental approach in production Dr.Nojoke relinquishes the conventional rave-signals and typical techno sounds (as the TB303 or 808/909 drum machines). He prefers to play with his own sounds.
The de-composition of usual harmony- and melody-schemes is also important for him; He dislikes typical or popular sounds and hooklines. Although his sounds come to 95% from the acoustic, real world, he forms highly technological Clikno-music, which may not carry emotions in itself, but triggers and unleashes them.


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