Jan Jelinek | Secret Thirteen Mix 101

Secret Thirteen Mix 101” is a retrospective and highly exceptional audio journey through different periods of electronic music. The eclectic selection connects 32 unique records in less than an hour. Even though the works are quite eclectic and resonate with each other, Jelinek finds ways to deal with the situation and in the end it feels like a well measured sustained musical narrative. His skilled use of effects, thoughtful mixing techniques and long experience of working with sampled music add new colours and flavours to each record and sometimes even entirely reshape the mood or dynamics of well-known works after unexpected collisions. The music varies in time from the early 1950’s to these days thus creating the wide range of associations, elaborate connections that inspire and also prove that some music is relevant forever and were made to stand for centuries as brilliant monuments of the music history. The mix includes unreleased material from Jelinek’s various projects and unpublished recording cuts from his earlier live performances, also the record from the forthcoming Faitiche release. It is so inspiring to hear old gems by such historical rock/reggae musicians as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa or Susan Cadogan weaved together with unforgettable pieces by such prolific modern composers as Bernard Parmegiani, Luc Ferrari, Vladimir Ussachevsky. This mix hides many emotional voyages and technical aspects to be written about as each part requires an in-depth study, but also it is like a beautifully packed Christmas gift from the whole Secret Thirteen team and from the artist himself that needs to be unboxed individually.


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