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Young Magic | You With Air (Galapagoose and Wooshie’s Nang Nang remix)

Young Magic is a Brooklyn, NY, USA based collective, producing beats, boogie, psych and soul.



The Acid | Basic Instinct

The Acid a mysterious collaboration between British DJ Adam Freeland, US electronic music maestro STEVE NALEPA(Nalepa) and Australian folk singer turned techno-head Ry x. Self-titled EP, released in July, 2013 – electro-pop with spacey soundscapes, percussions and chill vocals.

THE/DAS | Akimbo

THE / DAS is a music project by Fabian Fenk and Anton K. Feist (born 1978), formerly Bodi Bill, which has existed since 2012. your sound, they create as a duo, they call themselves “Techno Tenderness”.

2013, the five title mini album Speak Your Mind Speak at the Berlin label Sinnbus was published.


Marow | E. Coli

Track included on Minus Plus Null, by Marow.
Mille Plateaux. 2011.

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