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Max Manie | Sunday

Max Manie,

young and talented producer, born in salzburg now living and studying in vienna, for the first time gained some recognition in early 2013. His Track “Sunday” got many plays and views on soundcloud and youtube and so a lot of people became interested about him.

His musical background is not only electronic, as he played guitar in an indie-rock band for about 4 years, earlier in his life. About 7 years ago he first came in contact with electronic music, initially as a listener but later he started djing and producing.



Pampa is the label from old pals DJ Koze and Marcus Fink, dedicated to releasing club music that’s seriously danceable without recourse to the tried and tested ingredients. A home for house and techno tunes that will conquer hearts and take root there forever, music that’s brave and not afraid to break with convention.
By signing artists such as Die Vögel and their “Blaue Moschee”, or Jackmate & the Missing Linkx with their “Discodisco2”, Axel Boman’s “Holy Love” EP, Nathan Fake and soon Isolée, Robag Wruhme .. DJ Koze and Marcus have proven that Pampa doesn’t consecrate technical musical perfection for its own sake, but serve the purpose of giving birth to great music.

Centavrvs | La Valentina

Centavrvs, (founded by members of Los Dorados and Troker) away from gender bias and gross parameters such as lists and time on radio; and as Centavrus have achieved a position itself among audiences and critics with its current year Mexican sound.

“It all started with the idea of ​​catching reminiscent of the Mexican Revolution, not necessarily a full run as we did in ‘The Cananea jail’ or ‘La Valentina’. Once Ray and I got together to watch movies with the armed uprising next sampler, recording what we looked interesting: a locomotive or ‘Viva Pancho Villa’ recalls Damian.

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