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CAMEL | Slow Yourself Down

Camel is an English progressive rock group from London, England, United Kingdom. They formed circa 1964 when brothers Andrew and Ian Latimer got together with their respective friends Alan Butcher and Richard Over to form The Phantom Four. The band played extensively around their home town of Guildford, Surrey before changing their name to Strange Bew.



The Stylistics | People Make The World Go Round

The Stylistics was a soul music vocal group, and were one of the best-known Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. They formed in 1968. All of their US hitswere ballads, graced by the soaring falsetto of Russell Thompkins, Jr. and the lush productions of Thom Bell, which helped make the Stylistics one of the most successful soul groups of the first half of the 1970s.

Rechenzentrum – IBM

Formed at the Documenta’97, Rechenzentrum search for new processes of music/moving image production, while refining forms of presentation which create on-stage dialogue between audio and video. At the outset of Rechenzentrum they decided and defined their project as a “band” in which audio and video are equally important; they use video as an instrument, and treat music visually. Animations, quicktime movies and DVDs are integral components of finished work, not bonuses or enhancements.

Baths / Ironworks

This is the new of “Baths” Californian producer of downtempo music you can catalog as many categories you find, we just say Electrónic and Shoegaze but pop version, how?…


Esto es lo nuevo de “Baths” productor californiano de musica Downtempo puedes catalogarlo con tantas categorías como encuentres, nosotros decimos Electronica y Shoegaze pero versión POP, como?…


Robert Henke / Plumbicon V.271205 01

Fragile Territories in Nantes November 2012

Definitely and certainly we have been touch by either their style (Techno, Minimal, Dub, Drone, Glitch, or whatever comes) or by the way music is created today and live acts, I mean Robert Henke (Aka: Monolake), audio designer, software designer (help to development Ableton live, today’s Live is the stands software music tool), also he create some Patches for Live on MAX/MSP, also use the software and technology to create art.

There are many things we could talk about Robert Henke, but for now I leave this track particularly dark … and one of he’s last installation work.


Definitivamente y sin duda alguna hemos sido tocas por el ya sea en su estilo (Techno, minimal, Dub, Drone, Glitch, o lo que salga) o por la manera como se crea la musica hoy en dia y los actos en vivo, hablo de Robert Henke (Aka: Monolake), Diseñador de audio, diseñador de software (participo desde el principio en el desarrollo del ahora estándar en creación músical Ableton live), tambien ha creado algunos Patches para live en MAX/MSP, tambien utiliza el software y la tecnologia para crear arte.

hay muchas cosas de las que podría hablar de este Robert Henke, pero por ahora les dejo un track particularmente obscuro… y una de sus ultimas instalaciones.


and as a gif, I let you this link with the movie Man with a Movie Camera : Dziga Vertov, that is musicalized by this band

Y como regalo, les dejo este link de la película Man With a Movie Camera : Dziga Vertov, Musicalizada por esta banda

Sounds from Beneath – Karikis, Mikhail & Uriel Orlow

Sounds from Beneath | a project by Mikhail Karikis | a video by Mikhail Karikis & Uriel Orlow features among the works of 39 contemporary artists in this year’s edition of Manifesta, curated by Cuauhtémoc Medina, Katarina Gregos and Dawn Ades.

Treating sound as memory and involving a number of different professionals can achieve the most interesting results. “Sounds From Beneath” is the result of the collaboration between composer Mikhail Karikis and visual artist Uriel Orlow on a project exploring the sounds of coal mines and their memory in the British community


Compilation Video V3.0 | Sound Sculptures & Installations, Sound Architectures


Oscillating continuum


Este artista audiovisual era desconocido para mi hasta hace algunos meses, pero desde que lo descubri no eh dejado de admirar y buscar su trabajo.

espero les guste tanto como a mi.


This visual artist was unknown to me until a few months ago, but since I discovered him, I just admire and seek more work from him.
hope you like it as much as me.

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